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  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I report a crime?

If you have an emergency, immediately call 911.   Operators will ask you where your emergency is, they will ask you details about your emergency and they will ask you for identifying information such as first and last name as well as middle initial and date of birth. 

If you don't have an emergency but require immediate assistance from a member of the Sandpoint Police Deparmtent, contact Bonner Dispatch at their business line of (208)265-5525.   Again, operators will ask you details about your request as well as identifying information.

If you require routine assistance from a member of the Sandpoint Police Department, contact our department at (208)265-1482.  During business hours Monday through Friday, there will generally be somebody in the office to answer your call.   After hours and on weekends, you can leave a message and an officer will return your call as soon as possible.

When I receive a parking ticket, how do I view photos, pay, or dispute my ticket?

Please visit www.parkingticketpayment.com/sandpoint

If I receive a traffic citation, who do I contact?

Bonner County Courthouse 215 S 1st Ave Sandpoint, Idaho  83864 – Phone 208-265-1432

What should I do if I have a moose in my yard?  Who do I call?

You can contact Bonner Dispatch (208-265-5525) or Fish & Game at (208)263-3808.  Do not attempt to remove the moose yourself. 

What can I do if I have a problem with skunks or raccoons?

The police department has live traps we loan out to citizens.  However, you are responsible for picking up the trap, setting it, checking it and releasing the animal, and returning the trap to us.

Why do I receive a notice of intent to impound my vehicle when it is parked in front of my house?

City Code 6-3-2

It shall be unlawful for any owner or any person in charge of a motor vehicle or other personal property to leave or abandon the same upon the streets or public places.

Definition of Abandoned Vehicle:

ABANDONED MOTOR VEHICLE OR OTHER PERSONAL PROPERTY: An automobile or personal property which remains upon the street or other public property for a period of time longer than forty eight (48) hours, the owner of which cannot be located or the owner refuses to remove the same.

How do I go about getting my evidence back from the police department that has been seized?

Before evidence can be released it must be released by the prosecutor in writing and the case has to be adjudicated. Once that is done, you may contact the police department to make arrangements to pick it up prior to coming in (This will save you a wasted trip in the event the Evidence Custodian is not available).

How would I go about getting property in the custody of the police department released (Found/safekeeping/recovered)?

Call ahead (208)265-1482 and speak with the Evidence Custodian to make arrangements on a date and time to pick up.

Does the police department have an Animal Control Officer?

No.  Patrol officers now have the task of working with these issues.  Sandpoint Police Department deals only with

DOGS.  All dogs picked up are taken to the Panhandle Animal Shelter.  Contact the shelter if you believe your pet has

been picked up.

How do I get a copy of a police report?

All requests must be made in writing.  You may pick up and complete a form in the police department lobby or you may send in a fax request being specific as to what report you are wanting and how we may contact you.

How do I check somebody's record?

The Sandpoint Police Department can only give you information about contacts that we have had with persons.  We are not able to provide information about contacts by other agencies in the area of in the State of Idaho.  Statewide background checks can be requested through The Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).   BCI is located at 700 S. Stratford Drive, Meridian, Idaho 83642 and their phone number is (208)884-7135.   

You can also conduct a search of the person's court records by use of the Idaho Supreme Court Data Repository; a site which provides data as to the status of court cases in the State of Idaho