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  • Sand Creek

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2009 Comprehensive Plan

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Sandpoint has grown dramatically in recent years, with equally dramatic changes in terms of transportation, housing, and civic infrastructure. Additional factors have pushed middle and lower-income families to the outskirts or to neighboring towns, increasing traffic and changing Sandpoint's character.

Issues like these caused the City to commission a complete overhaul of its current comprehensive plan, a document first adopted in 1977. The plan addresses a 20-year horizon, and will be used to guide policies related to land use, transportation, natural resources, housing, and more.

compplanicon2009 Sandpoint Comprehensive Plan (full document)

Caviar and Corndogs - a movie that gives a fun perspective of Sandpoint, submitted by one of its residents.

Meeting Summaries

April 5

Vision Workshop:   Group exercises to help establish broad-brush goals for Sandpoint – what should life here be like in 20 years?  Help define Sandpoint's “Vision statement.”

May 3

Issues and Priorities Workshop:   Presentation and exercises to turn vision concepts into planning goals, and begin prioritizing them in ways that make sense for Sandpoint.

May 31

Strategies & Choices Workshop:   Presentation illustrating various strategic approaches Sandpoint's plan might take – evaluate, critique, and help improve the plan's overall direction!

September 11

Alternative Workshop: Presentation of growth strategies as refined by the last meeting, research, and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee's summer outreach. 

October 11

Policy Workshop:  Presentation of previous workshop and steering committee results, draft land use strategy group review of draft vision, land use plan, evaluation of policy alternatives.

November 15

Public Comment Portion of Steering Committee Meeting