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  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

    Schweitzer Mountain Resort

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Community Forestry

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Your Forest

Urban forests provide many benefits that make city-dwelling enjoyable. They remove air pollutants, lessen home heating and cooling costs, absorb noise, capture storm water, increase property values, and provide cultural and aesthetic value. The city has regulations for trees in the right of way.
We have an inventory of public trees in the city that can be viewed at Sandpoint Tree Inventory  Each year about 1/4 of the city is re-inventoried. 

The Basics maplescanopy

  • Power lines a concern contact AVISTA before trimming or planting underneath
  • An Issue with a neighbors trees is a civil issue and best talked out
  • Trim branches for 8 ft of clearance over sidewalks and 14 ft over streets
  • Parking lots and Planned Unit Developments have special tree considerations
  • Questions: Contact the Urban Forester 208-265-1480 or by email 



tree planting

Is a FREE city program that seeks to plant new trees in the public right of way in partnership with the public. We try to find the right people (property owners who care about trees and want to care) for the right trees and plant the right trees in the right place (smaller trees under power lines, for example.)  Our goal is to increase the tree canopy in Sandpoint and to provide a legacy of trees for future generations just like the people did sixty to eighty years ago on Sixth Avenue for example (see "Canopy of Maples in Sandpoint" above).

For those interested in the NeighborWoods program, download the Application, Tree Presentation and the NeighborWoods FAQs to learn more

  • Neighborwoods 2018 Fall Tree planting starts 11/6/18

Sandpoint's Outstanding Trees

OutstandingTreesIn the fall of 2009 Sandpoint published its 40 page, full color booklet, a photographic tribute to some of Sandpoint's outstanding trees.   Following in the tradition of the Tree Committee and the urban forester in 1999, Ms. Linden Maxwell, that developed  Sandpoint's first "Self-guided Tour" of Sandpoint's trees. 

It is a booklet  whose main purpose is to increase people's appreciation and knowledge of our local trees. We need to appreciate the outstanding trees before they are gone.   There are 32 trees represented, each one beautifully photographed, with an interesting detail photo for each tree (e.g., close up shot of a tree's flower or its bark) and about 100 words of description.

You can pick up your copy at the City Clerk's desk or in the office of the urban forester in the planning department of City Hall.

NeighborWoods Gallery

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