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  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

    Schweitzer Mountain Resort

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Planning & Building

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Why Plan?

Planning is critical to the continued success of Sandpoint and the surrounding region by helping to avoid potential pitfalls and missteps as our community moves forward.  As the economy rebounds, local employers grow, baby boomers retire, and while millennials place quality of life towards the top of their list when seeking a place to live and work, the greater Sandpoint area can likely expect to see some growth.  We, as a community, can either be subjected to this growth or we can try to direct it in a way that preserves our values, history, sense of place, the environment—our quality of life—while protecting existing investment and providing a degree of predictability for new investment.  Perhaps most importantly, planning is also critical to ensure that the demands of any new growth does not place an undue burden on existing residents.  The planning we do today can have major repercussions on future generations and is why planning needs to be community-driven to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community for years to come.

Planning Department Services

There are number of services the Planning Department provides to the public:

  • Zoning classification information for property in the City limits
  • Bulk, height and area requirements specific to your property
  • Signage permits
  • Information on land use, demographics and fair housing
  • Free feedback on preliminary site plans

Planning Department News

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