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  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

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Your Government

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Working Together


The City of Sandpoint operates under the Mayor-Council form of government.  This system of government is based on the separation of powers and a recognition of a need for checks and balances.  There is a division of responsibility so that each branch of government (Executive-Legislative) depends upon the other and no one branch dominates or monopolizes power.





Mayor – Executive Branch

The Mayor of Sandpoint is elected by the City residents and serves a four-year term.  The Mayor serves as the chief administrative official of the City and is responsible for implementing and administering laws and policies adopted by the City Council (Legislative Branch), as well as managing government operations.  In addition, the Mayor develops policy recommendations for the Council and nominates individuals to serve in appointed offices, permanent City boards, commissions and committees subject to confirmation by a majority of the City Council.  The Mayor presides over City Council meetings, determines the order of business and votes, when required, to break a tie vote of the City Council.


City Administrator – Executive Branch

 The City Administrator is an appointed position created by the City Council.  As with all appointed positions, the City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.  Generally, the City Administrator provides executive management and oversight to all of the operations of the City and facilitates the goals and policies as set by the Mayor and City Council and implements partnerships with community organizations, citizens and civil groups working to improve the quality of life in Sandpoint.


City Council – Legislative Branch

The City Council is made is made up of six representatives elected by the City residents and who serve four-year terms.  The Council is responsible for passing laws and policies, setting a budget and appropriating money to fund government operations.  In addition, the Council adopts the City’s comprehensive plan, which serves as the City’s plan for future growth and development, as well as urban renewal plans. 


Strategic Plan

"Distinctive City, Thriving Future!"  Developed in 2018, the Strategic Plan provides a framework for the future of the City, identifying long-term aspirations for the city's future, and near-term strategic priorities for planning and actions to realize that vision. 

Review the PowerPoint presentation and the full 2018-2020 Strategic Plan here...



City Departments

The City includes the following departments:  City Clerk, Finance and Utilities, Police, Fire, LegalParks & Recreation, Planning, and Economic Development.

City Hall is located at 1123 Lake Street right across the street from Pine Street Park.  Stop by anytime between 8 am - 5 pm, give us a call at (208) 263-3156, or send us an e-mail.