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Licensing & Permitting

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Business Licensing


In order to engage in business within the City of Sandpoint, a completed business license application and $50 license fee must be submitted to the City at least ten (10) days prior to the date the business will commence. This license shall be in addition to any other license or permit required and shall be valid for one year from the date it is issued. Renewal reminders are emailed prior to the license expiration date. The renewal fee is $25 per year.

Visit Sandpoint City Code in order to review Title 3, Chapter 11.  If you will be operating your business out of a home located within city limits, you will also need to reviewTitle 9, Chapter 11.

Already have a license and need to make a change? CLICK HERE TO MAKE A CHANGE TO YOUR LICENSE.

General Business License

For questions regarding business licensing, please contact the Business/Tax Clerk at 208-263-8129. It is also highly recommended that you contact Planning & Building Services to check zoning regulations in the area of town where you will be doing business.  You can reach them at 208-263-3370 or by email here.

Temporary Business License

A temporary business license is required when making sales during special events and is valid for up to four (4) days. Those who possess a general Sandpoint business license are exempt from obtaining a temporary business license.  Vendors participating in Farmers' Market, Pend Oreille Arts Council arts and crafts fair, The Festival at Sandpoint, the county fair, or any other sanctioned event on public property are also not required to obtain a license. A Temporary Business License is $20.


1% City Sales Tax

If you are a retailer selling within Sandpoint city limits, in addition to the Idaho state sales tax, you also need to collect and remit the voter approved 1% City sales tax.  Click here for the tax permit application.

Additional Information:

7% Short-term Occupancy Tax

This voter approved, local tax applies to occupancy and temporary lodging of thirty (30) days or less.  Types of businesses subject to the tax include, but are not limited to hotels, motels, condominiums, tourist homes, and bed & breakfast establishments. The tax collected is paid to the City of Sandpoint on or before the 20th of the month following collection. For more information, see here.

Alcohol Beverage License

A Sandpoint Retail Alcohol Beverage License is required to sell wine, beer and/or liquor within city limits.  To obtain a Sandpoint Alcohol Beverage License, you must first obtain your State and County licenses, which must be presented to the City when applying for the City license.

  • Retail Alcohol Beverage License Application
    (This is a fillable form.  You may type directly in the form, then print, or you may print the blank form and fill it out in pen.  Bring your completed application to the City Clerk's Office.)

The same form is used whether applying for the first time or renewing your license.

Alcohol Beverage Catering Permit

An alcohol beverage catering permit authorizes alcohol licensees to serve and sell liquor by the drink, beer and/or wine at a party, reception, convention, or other special event for up to three consecutive days.  If you possess an alcohol license and need to apply for an alcohol catering permit, please call the City Clerk's office 263-3317 or click here to e-mail.

Special Event Permit

A permit is required for a parade or for public assembly defined by City Code Title 6, Chapter 6.   

Pawnbroker's License

You must obtain a Pawnbroker's License to own, operate or maintain a pawnbroker's business within the boundaries of the City. 

Peddlers / Solicitors / Transient Merchants

If you are in city limits soliciting door-to-door in residential neighborhoods or renting space for a temporary sales event, you must register as a Peddler, Solicitor, or Transient Merchant. 

Please note that each peddler/solicitor must register individually.  In addition, the company employing the solicitor must be licensed as a business with the City of Sandpoint.  Click here for the business license application form.

In addition to the Idaho state sales tax, retailers must also collect and remit the 1% local sales tax on all sales made within Sandpoint city limits.  Click here for the tax permit application form.  Click here for more information regarding Sandpoint's local sales tax.

Taxi Cabs & Drivers

If you are operating a vehicle (motor or human-powered) for the purpose of transporting persons for hire, both you and your vehicle must be licensed with the City.

Sign Permits

When it comes time to open your business don't forget to check with the Planning Department about sign regulations.