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  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

    Schweitzer Mountain Resort

  • Schweitzer Outback Boal

    Schweitzer Mountain Resort

  • Lost in the 50s

    Aaron Qualls

  • Schweitzer 2014

    Schweitzer Mountain Resort

  • Downtown Sandpoint

    Allison Wildman

  • Powerhouse Rainbow

    Aaron Qualls

Meeting Agendas

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In order to have an item added to the City Council meeting agenda, you must complete an Agenda Request Form, signed by a Council member, Department Head, or the Mayor, and submit it to the City Clerk, along with supporting documentation, at least a week before the meeting.

To view meetings with attached agendas in calendar view, click here.

Follow this link to see archived and live streaming video and audio of Sandpoint City Council meetings.



To participate in the upcoming public hearings in May, please see below for links to instructions.

For the May 5 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and public hearing on PZC20-0001 click here. This will be a public hearing in front of the P&Z Commission on Tuesday, May 5, on a request for a zone change from Industrial Technology Park to Industrial General for a parcel on Mountain View Drive, west of Boyer Ave. at the Sandpoint Airport.

For the May 6 City Council meeting and public hearing on PCUP20-0001, click here. This will be a public hearing in front of Council on Wednesday, May 6, on the appeal to the Planning and Zoning Commission's decision regarding the proposed multi-family development on Cedar Street.

City Council Meeting

Regular Meeting

City Council's second of two regular monthly meetings per month at City Hall (Council chambers).  The agenda will be posted on the Meeting Agendas page at least two days prior to the meeting.

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