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University of Idaho Boyer Property Community Visioning Project

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Your input is wanted!

The City of Sandpoint wants input and ideas from the broader community on the future potential of the 75-acre University of Idaho owned property on Boyer Ave.  The University notified the City of their intent to release the property in the Fall of 2017 in a way that aligns with the priorities of the citizens of Sandpoint and has asked the City of Sandpoint to partner in this effort.  The City, through its Planning & Zoning Commission, embarked on a community outreach effort which included a series of public workshops and hearings.  The University of Idaho intends to begin marketing the property in May, 2018 in a way so as to incorporate the City priorities in accordance to the agreed upon timeline between the University and the City.

The City has also been researching outside funding opportunities that may allow the City to acquire the property in order to allow the City to have greater control over the ultimate use of the property in alignment with the community vision.  To advise on this effort, Mayor Rognstad has appointed a technical advisory committee to advise on ways to leverage outside funding.

Based on the community input received, the City of Sandpoint amended its comprehensive plan on December 6, 2017 to reflect a more diverse pattern of land use on the property. The process to amend the plan was informed by a series of workshops and public engagement events, indicating that the community is generally interested in the following principles:

  • The site should continue to provide some level of recreational opportunity and community facilities.
  • The property should seek to support economic development activities and job growth, particularly at its north and south ends and along Boyer Avenue.
  • There is an opportunity here to alleviate the community’s tight housing market through targeted development.
  • Any future use should protect sensitive habitat and shoreline areas and educate the public on their importance
  • Development should reflect historic use of the site with respect to education and agriculture. 

The Comprehensive Plan Amendment is an important first step but it doesn’t really tell us what the site should look like, how it can take advantage of the adjacent open space, and how it should relate to the surrounding streets, neighborhoods and the broader community.  



Thats where you come in!


Take the Survey

Visit the Studio

The City would like your feedback on approaches to development, considering the ways in which the site should be treated. The questions will ask you to think about what should be emphasized and what shouldn’t. We need your help to identify which features are best suited to the site and how we should consider defining development character.





To contact the Planning Department send an email here, call 208-263-3370, or send a letter to:

City of Sandpoint
Attn: Planning Department
1123 Lake St
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Monday, Feb. 5th
113 Main Street - Former Truby’s Health Mart
12pm - 6pm Studio Hours
6:30pm -  Presentation & Open House

Tuesday, Feb. 6th
113 Main Street - Former Truby’s Health Mart
(10am - 4:30pm)

1123 Lake Street - Sandpoint City Council Chambers
(5:30pm Planning Commission Workshop)

This Studio is part of the City of Sandpoint’s overall effort to involve as many people as possible in preparing a master plan for the 75-acre University of Idaho property on Boyer Ave., setting direction for the property’s development and designing strategies to match. Please help us envision and plan for its progress by:

  • Speaking with us directly - we’re here to listen and learn, so tell us what you think!
  • Checking out the various displays and maps
  • Sharing your ideas by jotting down notes on any of the maps or materials
  • Filling out one of our “Mini-Poll” questionnaires
  • Taking part in the workshop that will occur at City Hall on Tuesday evening