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Comprehensive Plan Update - U of I and surrounding properties

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Comp Plan Background:

University of Idaho Property and surrounding areasGenerally a long range (typically 20-year) vision, a comprehensive plan is a broad articulation of the conditions and objectives that will guide future growth of a city. As such, a comprehensive plan does not operate as legally controlling zoning law, but rather serves to guide and advise appointed and elected officials responsible for making zoning decisions.

At the time the 2009 Sandpoint Comprehensive Plan was adopted, the area under consideration for and update was also being considered for a University of Idaho Extension Campus, a new High School and an extension of Baldy Road for connection to Highway 2.  The resulting Land use map within the Comprehensive Plan designates the central 77 acre University of Idaho owned parcel as Context Area 5:

CA-5 areas are envisioned as the primary commercial centers of the city, similar in urban pattern to CA-4 but with additional density in the form of scaled multi-story buildings housing shops and stores on the ground floor, offices on the second floor, and remaining floors dedicated to condos and apartments. CA-5 areas are envisioned as safe, pedestrian friendly and attractive places, drawing visitors and residents for community events, public art, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Today, Sandpoint’s downtown comes closest to exemplifying the CA-5 pattern.

Surrounding this central parcel, the comprehensive plan primarily designates the future land use as Context Areas 2 and 3 (a mixture of single and multifamily areas).

University of Idaho Research and Extension Center Background:

Established in 1912, the Sandpoint Research and Extension Center was gifted to the University for agricultural education and research purposes by T.J. Humbird of the Humbird Lumber Company.  At the September 6th 2017 City Council Meeting, the University announced plans to release interest in this 77 acre parcel—the last contiguous parcel of this size centrally located within the City—and has expressed their desire to do so in a way that aligns with priorities of the City of Sandpoint.  

Comp Plan Amendment Process:

Given the recent announcement by the University and a change in circumstances since the Sandpoint Comprehensive Plan was adopted, the City has initiated a Comp Plan update for the University parcel and surrounding areas. Per Idaho code §67-6509, the process required for amending a comprehensive plan is a noticed public hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission, followed by action from the Sandpoint City Council to adopt.  Staff has proposed a series of workshops by the Commission prior to holding a public hearing:


 9/19/17 6:00pm  Public Workshop - Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop 1 (Meeting Info | Video)
 9/27/17 5:30pm  Public Workshop - On-site University of Idaho Property Tour (Video)
 10/17/17 5:30pm  Public Workshop - City Council Chambers - Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop 2 (Meeting Info | Video)
 11/14/17 5:30pm  Public Hearing - City Council Chambers - Planning and Zoning Commission (Meeting Info | Video)
 12/6/17 5:30pm  Public Hearing - City Council Chambers - City Council (Meeting Info | Video)

Providing Feedback

FEEDBACKYour input is critical to the success of this plan.  In order to contact the Planning Department please either send an email here, call 208-263-3370, or send a letter to:

City of Sandpoint
Attn: Planning Department
1123 Lake St
Sandpoint, ID 83864

Compiled Workshop Feedback
City Council Decision
as recommended by Planning Commission
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