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Finance & Utilities

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The Finance Department provides all financial and accounting services to the City.  These services include cash management, budgeting, financial reporting, payroll, billing services, collections, and accounts payable.  

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Click here for a copy of the City's Form W-9  - verification of TIN.

Click here for a copy of the City's Form ST-101 - tax exempt form.

From the Desk of the Treasurer

Residential Garbage Rates Increase

The Sandpoint City Council approved a revised fee schedule for its existing City fees at its August 16, 2017 Council meeting.

The revised fee schedule includes an increase to residential garbage rates. The revised fees take effect on the October 1, 2017 utility bill.

The new monthly Garbage Pick-up Fees are as follows:

96 gallon cart – Residential                                                                                  $15.00
64 gallon cart – Residential                                                                                  $12.00
35 gallon cart – Residential                                                                                    $9.00

96 gallon cart – Senior Citizen Reduced Utility Billing (SCRUB)                        $9.00
64 gallon cart – Senior Citizen Reduced Utility Billing (SCRUB)                        $7.20
35 gallon cart – Senior Citizen Reduced Utility Billing (SCRUB)                        $5.40

Extra cans/bags, each                                                                                             $1.39
Roll-out cart over 15 feet, special assistance                                                      $2.16

For more information, please contact the Utility Billing Dept. at (208)263-3561.

Financial Transparency Initiative

Post Date:11/03/2017 8:24 AM




Sandpoint – The City of Sandpoint launched a powerful new online tool today that brings unprecedented visibility, openness and accountability to its financial operations.  The public is now able to access six years’ worth of historic and current financial information down to the detailed transaction level via the City’s website at www.sandpointidaho.gov.  A prominent link of the front page labeled “Finances” will take users to the new OpenGov online portal that will provide answer to questions such as:

  • What are the City’s revenue sources?
  • What does the City spend on Police services?
  • How much does the City spend on Parks (by Park)?
  • What is the budget to actual expenditures by department for the current year?

Sandpoint joins a select group of cities across the country and is the fourth city in Idaho to take advantage of technology to open its books to its citizens.  “Building trust with our citizens is one of the most important aspects of our jobs,” City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton said.  “Our City Council and Mayor are committed to openness and transparency and together we are putting these ideals to work in service to our citizens.” 

Up-to-date financial data will be uploaded monthly so the public has as close to real-time information as possible.  This is the first step in a broader effort to leverage financial and performance data across all City departments and functions to drive and monitor accountability and improve service outcomes to the community. 

In the next month, Sandpoint will launch its performance data online using a new OpenGov platform called “Storytellers.” Members of the OpenGov team will be traveling to Sandpoint on November 7, 2017 to meet with City leaders on how to most effectively use the platform to reach and engage its citizens, tell the story of its finances and services and what the City is doing in partnership with its citizens to improve the future of Sandpoint.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Stapleton, City Administrator, at jstapleton@sandpointidaho.gov or 208.265.1483.

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