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Free Parking Options And Ticket Amnesty Program

Free Parking Options And Ticket Amnesty Program Downtown

Post Date:07/28/2016 8:15 AM

Sandpoint – The City of Sandpoint is rolling out Phase I of its new downtown parking plan effective August 1st, which includes free parking up to 24-hours in three parking lots downtown.  Under the plan proposed by Mayor Rognstad, and approved by the Sandpoint City Council, at their July 6th meeting, three parking lots will be free for parking up to 24-hours.  During winter months only, (November 1 – March 1), there will be no parking allowed in the lots between the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. to allow for snow removal.  Those lots are:

  • ITD Parking Lot – West of 5th Avenue
  • Downtown City Parking Lot – on 3rd  Ave. between Church and Oak Streets
  • Sand Creek Parking Lot – off Bridge Street across Sand Creek from downtown

The City’s Public Works Departments will be installing new signage for these areas in mid-August, but they will revert to free status effective August 1st

Phase II of the new plan includes adding 15-minute loading zones and extending many of the current 2-hour zones to 3 or 4 hours or permit parking as shown in the attached parking map.  This phase will be implemented in September.

Citizens who have paid for an annual parking permit will still be able to use the permit for unlimited parking in the zones designated on the attached parking map.  If the permit was purchased for use only in the City Parking Lot, permit holders may request a pro-rated refund.  Refund requests may be made by contacting the City Finance Department at (208) 263-8129.

In addition, the City has launched an amnesty program which provides citizens with outstanding parking tickets a 50% reduction of the late fees incurred.  This program is effective immediately and will end at the beginning of October -- at which time all tickets unpaid after 45 days of issuance will be turned over to the City’s collection agency and the full late fees will be required.  Collection fees and interest charges will also begin accruing as of that date. 

Beginning in October, vehicle owners with vehicles that have received 6 or more parking violations that have remained unpaid more than 45 days after their issuance will be placed on a scofflaw list and their vehicles are subject to immobilization and impoundment under Sandpoint City Ordinance 1328.

The City is encouraging residents to take advantage of the amnesty program and the cost savings it offers. 

All parking tickets must be paid to:

Diamond Parking
231 N 3rd Avenue, Suite 207
Sandpoint, ID  83864
(208) 265-7402

Notices will be sent out to all individuals with overdue parking tickets informing them of the amount(s) due and the final day of the amnesty period in early August. 




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